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Premium Accessoires Ineos Grenadier
Our name stands for absolute quality and customer satisfaction. In order to be able to fulfill the wishes of our customers, we of course have access to the complete range of off-road accessories worldwide. We redevelop anything that doesn’t already exist or doesn’t meet our quality standards.

We have a very close relationship with a few selected brands because they reflect our company philosophy exactly and we can stand behind and represent them with a clear conscience. In an effort to be able to offer you the most suitable product for you, we advise you neutrally and in detail about products from other brands and manufacturers and are happy to show you the advantages and disadvantages of their products.
Black Sheep Innovations Dein Partner für Premium Zubehör Ineos Grenadier
Black Sheep Innovations Premium Zubehör für den Ineos Grenadier 01 min

We build your dream vehicle!

No matter whether it’s just about installing our own products on your vehicle and putting them in the spotlight or working out a solution specially developed for you, we are the right partner for you and your Ineos Grenadier!

Every idea, no matter how crazy, is there to be implemented. We listen to you and together we will find the best solution for your problem.

We offer you all kinds of special solutions for the Ineos Grenadier. From CAD planning and computer animation to the construction of the finished vehicle, we offer a complete all-round service!


Automotive 3D Visualization
From design prototyping to production, 3D visualizations are used to create images of the highest quality.

With CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), you can effectively create the otherwise impossible while reducing the risk and associated costs of traditional methods.

A 3D model can be integrated and seamlessly combined with a “scene” to give the impression that the object was captured on location. The result will be a truly photorealistic form.
Black Sheep Computer Rendering
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