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Part 1: Ineos Grenadier-News

What innovations did you miss at the Abenteuer & Allrad in Bad Kissingen? We’ll show you in fine, small bites 😉
Drawer System (Euro Standard):
The 32 cm high drawer body is screwed to the original airline rails in the vehicle floor with 4 fittings. The bodies can be installed individually or in a set and each have a length of 80 cm. The heavy-duty full extensions can each be loaded with 120kg.

The large drawer is designed in such a way that it can accommodate the so-called “Euro boxes” (40x60cm) and thus a smaller division and expansion of the storage space is possible with little effort.

The double loading floor allows the loading area to be extended to almost 160cm. It does not matter whether only one backrest or both backrests are folded down. We deliberately chose the taller version, as we don’t expect anyone to actually remove the rear seat headrests to lower the backrests all the way. However, should there be demand for the lower version, we will be able to offer this one in the future as well.

All parts are made of light aluminum to get as much payload as possible. The upper surface can be fully loaded with 200kg. We will add this product to the shop in the coming days and then also show the detailed prices there. But feel free to have a look at our further developments for the Ineos Grenadier 🙂
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