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With us, you will find real innovations on a quality level that is hard to find on the market. No wonder that our products proudly bear the label “Made in Switzerland”!
Black Sheep
Our private label Black Sheep – we have different approaches, place more value on quality and often have more creative ideas than the rest of the ‘herd’!
We are also the Swiss general importer of some well-known brands – you will find a wide selection for off-roading, overlanding, van life and more!

made in Switzerland!

Be different, choose quality!

Welcome to Black Sheep Innovations: Your Destination for High-Quality Accessories for the Ineos Grenadier

Customize Your Ineos Grenadier Transform your Ineos Grenadier into a unique expression of your personality and adventurous spirit with our wide range of high-quality accessories. From practical storage solutions to performance-enhancing upgrades – you’ll find everything you need for your off-road adventure with us.

The Ultimate Off-Road Companion: The Ineos Grenadier

The Ineos Grenadier embodies unparalleled off-road capability, ruggedness, and performance. Whether tackling steep mountains, muddy trails, or rocky paths – this off-road vehicle conquers every challenge with ease.

High-Quality Accessories for Every Challenge

Maximize the storage space of your Ineos Grenadier with our durable roof racks. Enhance the visibility and safety of your Ineos Grenadier with our high-performance accessories tailored for the Ineos Grenadier.

Why Choose Accessories from Us?

With us, you’ll not only get high-quality accessories for your Ineos Grenadier but also comprehensive consultation and support. Our expert team is here to ensure that you get the right products for your needs.

Ready for the Next Adventure with Your Ineos Grenadier?

Pack your gear and get ready for the next adventure with the Ineos Grenadier. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, camping trip, or expedition into the unknown – this off-road vehicle will make your outdoor dreams come true. Start today and let the freedom of adventure carry you away. Prepare for your next off-road adventure and explore our range of accessories for the Ineos Grenadier today.

With us you will find real innovations at a quality level that is difficult to find on the market. It is not for nothing that the products proudly bear the “Made in Switzerland”!

As a Swiss general importer for the brands Rival4x4, Osram Off-Road Lights, Lifestylecamper, Tigerexped amd Vickywood we can also supplement our range with strong brands.

In addition to our own products, we are happy to offer you other products from leading manufacturers. What you can’t find in our shop, please send us an email.

Trough many years of our experience in developing special solutions for pickups and off-road vehicles, we bring real innovations to the market. In the constant search for the best options, we only use high-quality materials. Our Combination of the maximum in design and functionality is the reason for our unique products in this segment.

Our services include everything from planning, development and design to the construction of prototypes and also ready-to-use products in the area of ​​off-road and touring vehicles.

Visit our Onlineshop or contact us für questions – you´re welcome!
Black Sheep Innovations GmbH Dachplattform Ineos Grenadier 06 min

Black Sheep Bestseller

Of course we also offer special solutions for other vehicles! Inquiries can be sent directly to us by email at!

Inquiries about custom-made products can be sent directly to us by email:

Inquiries about custom-made products can be sent directly to us by email:

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